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What would happen if I would reach out to children to tap into a different type of perspective on life? Steven Asei-Dantoni Nkoué asked himself this question when faced with a big challenge. Therefore he decided to embark on a quest to capture inspiring children all around the world and to share their hopes, fears and dreams. In this episode, Steven Asei-Dantoni Nkoué collaborated with the Glasswing International education team to bring you an inspiring group of kids from Central América. Together they hope to answer this question: Why is life worth living?

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"You are very important and every day is a new beginning. What happened in the past must be left in the past and we must live in the present. Do not try to be like others, but be yourself."

Maria Luna, 12 years ago

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The most worthwhile thing in life is not being dead.

Miquel, 10 years ago

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My New Channel

My New Channel

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